Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

Zaxby’s is an American fast casual chain of chicken restaurants. The chain is known for its chicken wings and chicken fingers, as well as sandwiches and salads. The chain is based primarily in the Southern United States and operates more than 900 locations. While most of its locations are franchised, 123 are owned by the company itself. Regardless of the location, you’re sure to find a good chicken wing and chicken finger combo at a Zaxby’s.

Zaxby’s 99 Cent Nibbler Day

If you’re looking for cheap eat, you can always try Zaxby’s 99 Cent Nibbled Day chicken fingers & buffalo wings. On Tuesdays, you can get chicken fingers and buffalo wings for just 99 cents. Zaxby’s offers many promotions and discounts on its menu. You can get a free Signature Sandwich if you sign up for their club and get a free Signature Sandwich on your birthday. Zaxby’s has 600 locations in the Southern United States, most of which are owned by franchisees. There are also 123 stores owned by the company.

For a quick meal, you can always visit Zaxby’s, a popular restaurant that serves southern favorites such as chicken fingers and buffalo wings. The restaurant’s prices are usually affordable, but you could easily overspend by ordering a larger meal. To avoid overspending, make sure to choose smart choices and avoid the red flags. Although the chicken fingers and buffalo wings are inexpensive, they’re still not very healthy.

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Zaxby’s Wimpy Sauce

If you’re tired of the usual hot sauce, try Zaxby’s Wimpy Sauce. It’s loaded with vinegar, garlic, butter, cayenne, and a hint of heat. It’s a sure bet and will give you great satisfaction. However, if you want something a little different, try their Buffalo Wing Sauce or their garlic parmesan sauce.

This sauce is mild and a good choice for those who want a little tang to go with their chicken fingers and buffalo wings. Its flavor is sweet with Asian flavors and isn’t too spicy, but still has just enough kick. It has about 140 calories per serving and tastes great. It’s a good choice for those who enjoy spicy food but don’t want to risk putting themselves at risk for a heart attack.

In addition to buffalo wings, Zaxby’s also offers nine different flavors of fried chicken. However, you must order the same flavor for 20 wings, unlike Buffalo Wild Wings where you can get different flavors for different orders. The wings taste cheap, and I can’t recommend the barbecue flavor. However, I loved the sweet & spicy flavor. And if you don’t want to eat chicken wings, you can make your own.

Zaxby’s Honey Mustard Sauce

The Zaxby’s menu features a variety of sauces for chicken fingers and buffalo wings. Their honey mustard sauce is a special blend of bees’ nectar and mustard. It is sweet, tangy, and spicy. The tangy flavor pairs well with chicken fingers and buffalo wings, and it is also a great addition to sandwiches. If you’re looking for a new sauce to try, this is the sauce for you.

The hot honey mustard has around 180 calories per serving. This sauce has more heat than regular honey mustard, but the honey cuts through the peppery heat and provides an additional layer of sweetness. It is a tasty option for those who enjoy spicy food, but you need to watch your calorie intake when choosing a sauce for chicken wings. The sweet and spicy zax sauce is a perfect choice if you want to keep calories low while still getting a kick.

Zaxby’s Insane Sauce

If you’re looking for a new hot sauce to try on your next order of chicken fingers and buffalo wings, look no further than Zaxby’s Insane Chili Sauce. This sauce has an insanely hot pepper blend, which is sure to blow your sinuses away. Just be sure to drink lots of water afterward. Zaxby’s Insane Chili Sauce contains habanero peppers and peppery notes, which make for a unique and spicy hot sauce. Despite its heat, this sauce is not dangerous for those who do not like spicy food.

The classic Buffalo Garlic Blaze sauce is another great hot chili sauce, but it’s much more garlicky than spicy. It holds true to the buffalo flavor, but it’s not overwhelmingly hot. The Wimpy sauce is a safe bet and is a great option for those who do not want a fiery hot sauce. Alternatively, you can try Zaxby’s new Buffalo Garlic Blaze sauce, which has the same hot chili flavor but is milder and sweeter.

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