Samsung Washer Error Codes: Troubleshooting Made Easy


Samsung washers are renowned for their efficiency and advanced technology, but encountering error codes can disrupt your laundry routine. Understanding these codes is crucial for troubleshooting issues and ensuring optimal performance. In this guide, we’ll delve into the most common Samsung washer error codes, providing insights into their meanings and offering practical solutions to resolve them.

Samsung Washer Error Codes:

Samsung washers use a sophisticated system of error codes to communicate issues with users. These codes appear on the washer’s display panel and provide valuable information about malfunctions or problems within the machine.

Common Samsung Washer Error Codes:

Explore some of the most frequently encountered error codes on Samsung washers, including codes like SE, UE, ND, and more. Each code indicates a specific issue, ranging from drainage problems to unbalanced loads.

SE Error Code:

The SE error code typically signals a problem with the washer’s drain system. Discover potential causes for this error, such as clogged filters or drainage hoses, and learn how to troubleshoot effectively to restore proper functionality.

UE Error Code

When your Samsung washer displays the UE error code, it indicates an unbalanced load. This section outlines the steps you can take to address this issue, including redistributing the load or adjusting the washer’s leveling feet.

ND Error Code:

The ND error code signifies a drainage problem, preventing the washer from draining water properly. Delve into the potential causes of this issue, such as clogged drain filters or kinked hoses, and find solutions to resolve it promptly.

OE Error Code

Encountering the OE error code signals an issue with the washer’s drainage system. Learn about the possible reasons behind this error, such as foreign objects blocking the drain pump, and discover troubleshooting methods to clear the obstruction.

DC Error Code:

The DC error code indicates that the washer is unable to properly detect the laundry load’s distribution. Explore reasons why this error may occur, such as overloading or uneven distribution of clothes, and find tips to rectify the situation.

3E Error Code:

When the 3E error code appears on your Samsung washer, it points to a motor-related problem. Uncover potential causes for this error, such as a faulty motor or issues with the washer’s wiring, and explore solutions to address the underlying issue.

Troubleshooting Samsung Washer Error Codes:

Gain valuable insights into troubleshooting Samsung washer error codes effectively. From simple DIY fixes to more complex solutions, discover how to identify and resolve common issues to keep your washer running smoothly.


In conclusion, understanding Samsung washer error codes is essential for troubleshooting and maintaining optimal performance. By familiarizing yourself with these codes and their meanings, you can quickly diagnose problems and implement effective solutions, ensuring your laundry routine remains hassle-free.


1. What should I do if my Samsung washer displays an error code?

When confronted with an error code, refer to your washer’s manual for guidance on troubleshooting steps. In many cases, simple solutions like restarting the washer or checking for obstructions can resolve the issue.

2. How can I prevent Samsung washer error codes from occurring?

To minimize the likelihood of encountering error codes, ensure proper maintenance of your washer, including regular cleaning of filters and drainage hoses. Additionally, avoid overloading the washer and distribute laundry evenly within the drum.

3. Is it safe to continue using my Samsung washer if it displays an error code?

While some error codes may indicate minor issues that can be resolved easily, others may require professional attention. To prevent further damage to the washer or potential safety hazards, it’s advisable to refrain from using the appliance until the issue is resolved.

4. What if I’m unable to resolve a Samsung washer error code on my own?

If troubleshooting steps outlined in the manual fail to resolve the issue, contact Samsung customer support or schedule a service appointment with a qualified technician. They can diagnose the problem accurately and recommend appropriate repairs.

5. Are Samsung washer error codes covered under warranty?

Samsung typically offers warranties on their appliances, which may cover repairs for issues indicated by error codes. Refer to your warranty documentation or contact Samsung directly to determine if the error is covered and to initiate a warranty claim if necessary.

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